Do epic shit


It was a Friday night, 2 weeks ago. My housemate was having a bad day. She was chugging the beer she had bought for a party that never happened. She offered me some, I passed; it was warm beer, yucks. After 3 refusals, I agreed to half a glass, mostly to keep her company. Half a glass of beer turned into (6 beers) buying tickets from Bali, Indonesia to Perth, Australia to go see Queens of the Stone Age’s gig. It is not budget smart AT ALL but she offered to pay for the concert tickets and accommodation as an early birthday present for me. AND it’s Queens of the fucking Stone Age! Favorite band. And it’s this crazy shit we allow ourselves to do that will make up the best memories and stories and will make us smile whenever we look back on them.

Ps: the gig was awesome; fourth time seeing them live, first one seeing them in a close venue so I was blown away by the sound. And to top it all off, I got to see Nine inch Nails live for the first time. I’m not really a fan but hats off to those guys, they put on a great show!


Snapshot: little mysterious sand balls


November 2013, Langkawi, Malaysia.

Caminando por una de las playas de Malasia noté unas bolitas de arena en la orilla. Me tomó unos minutos notar que estas bolitas formaban pequeñas obras de arte. Conclusión obvia: aliens.
Al ratito empecé a notar movimiento. Los autores de estas maravillas eran… cangrejos! Con base en un agujerito chiquito al centro de su trabajo, van formando estructuras concéntricas que se abren sobre la superficie.
Gracias a internet después me enteré que es un cangrejo específico de Malasia y que hace todo ese trabajo midiendo solo 1 cm de diámetro! Hacen esas bolitas mientras que buscan comida en la arena cuando la marea esta baja.
Linda la naturaleza, eh!

Walking along one of Malaysia´s beaches, I noticed little sand bubbles in the shore line. It took me a couple of minutes to notice that these bubbles made up a work of art. Obvious conclusion: aliens.
After a while, I noticed movement. The creators of this wonders were… crabs! The use a little hole in the sand as their base to create concentric structures that open up on the surface.
Thanks to internet, I found out this is the sand-bubbler crab, specific to Malaysia, and it does all this work measuring only 1 cm of diameter! They create the bubbles while scouring the sand for food during low tides.
Nature’s pretty cool, hu?